About J.D. National B.Ed. College Clubs


Club is an association or organization of people who are dedicated to a particular interest or activity e.g. Cricket club, the members of cricket club have common interest i.e. sports particularly cricket, so they organize activity and events related to cricket only. Similarly in schools and colleges, clubs formed are related to education. The program and activities organized are related to education. Clubs in an educational institute play a crucial role in the holistic development of students.

Aims of Club

  • To foster creativity.
  • To provide opportunity or platform.
  • To develop personal skill.
  • To develop positivity.
  • To develop problem solving skills to deal with contemporary problems.

J.D. National B.Ed. College has created three clubs for innovation and other initiviatives for creation and transfer of knowledge. These clubs provides opportunity to students to enhance their innate ability and personality development. The three clubs are :-

  • Creative Writing Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Art & Craft Club