Apply Online Students Feedback

Students Feedback

Instruction: Read the following statements carefully and then select an appropriate option.

(* marked questions are mandatory to answer)

1*. The syllabus meets the demands of the students and presents them for their professional career.

2*. The syllabus is helpful for student's overall development.

3*. How much of syllabus was covered in the class?

4*. The syllabus of each course was

5*. The reference books in the library are sufficient and cover the topics of the syllabus.

6*. The assessment pattern measures your complete knowledge.

7*. The syllabus covers enough practical/internship opportunities for students.

8*. Excerises regarding Lesson Planning helps to develop professional competence.

9*. The syllabus creates interest in students to pursue higher studies in the field of Education.

10. Give your suggestions (if any) for syllabus revision.