About J.D. National B.Ed. College Grievance & Redressal Committee

Grievance & Redressal Committee

The Grievance and Redressal Committee is constituted to hear, investigate and resolve any grievance, conflict or complaint of the institute. The composition and objectives of Grievance and Redressal Committee is as follows:

Sl. No. Name of Member Designation Designation in Committee
1 Dr.Thakur Arunima Singh Assistant Professor Convenor
2 Indrapal Assistant Professor Member
3 Pawan Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor Member
4 Goutam Kumar Student Representative Member


The Grievance and Redressal Committee of the institute will serve the following objectives:

  • To deal with all types of grievances, complaints and malpractices including those received from students, faculty and other stakeholders.
  • To deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner.
  • To encourage students to express their grievance freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.
  • To deal with grievances and find a solution.