Apply Online Alumni Feedback

Alumni Feedback

Instruction: Read the following statements carefully and then select an appropriate option.

(* marked questions are mandatory to answer)

1*. I feel proud that I was a student of J.D. National B.Ed. College.

2*. The learning I had in J.D.National B.Ed College is useful in my career.

3*. The development in J.D.National B.Ed College in recent years is appreciative.

4*. The institute ensures a high standard of education with value based education.

5*. The institution has sufficient infrastructure with well ventilated classroomss, laboratories, etc.

6*. The institute blooms in an environment that fosters competitiveness, creative thinking and innovation.

7*. The college maintains well stocked library.

8*. The college provides opportunities for overall development of the students by organizing different cultural and co-curriculur activities.

9*. The college empowers students with all the knowledge and guidance they need for their future life.

10*. Teacher are knowledgeble and have good communication skills.

11*. The alumni have a role to play in academically strengthening J.D.National B.Ed College.

12*. The alumni have a role to play in financially strengthening J.D.National B.Ed College.

13*. Formation of alumni association is a step in the right direction.

14. Kindly write any contribution you can make for the development of the college .

15. Give your suggestions (if any) for improvement.