Message from the Secretary About Us

Message from Secretary

Mrs. J.D Singh (Secretary, J.D. National B.Ed. College)

Education is the only possibility through which society can be changed for better living conditions and congenial and peaceful environment. Welcome to J.D. National B.Ed College where excellence in Teacher Education and student-oriented learning holds priority. J.D. National B.Ed College is committed to nurture and develop the talents and skills of the student in true sense in order to support the social and economic advancement of our country. The college is well equipped with state-of-art infrastructure including spacious lecture halls, seminar room, playground, laboratories and other facilities along with an efficient and committed faculty to prepare young teachers who can spread education and enlighten young minds and serve the society at large.

We welcome you to our college and wish all our young teachers a bright future ahead and a life filled with contentment and joy.

Mrs. J.D Singh
J.D. National B.Ed College