Instructional Facilities Facilities

Instructional Facilities


A library is a treasure house of knowledge and helps the spread of education.The College has a well stocked library possessing a rich collection of books that cover the B.Ed syllabus. A wide range of reference books, magazines, national and international journals, educational CDs and daily newspapers have been made available for students as well as the faculty to enrich themselves.


1No. of books in the library:6606
2Number of Journals subscribed to6
3No. of Encyclopedia20
4Total Seating Capacity in the library70
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ICT Resource Centre

Computers are synonymous with development. The College has a well equipped state-of-art computer lab having 22 computers of latest configurations. All the computers are loaded with latest software and internet connection. The lab is also equipped with scanner and printer.The college also has overhead projector , a VCD Player, T.V., CD Player, cordless micro phones and other equipment which can effectively be utilized by the students to make make their teaching, learning process effective.


Art & Craft Resource Centre

The college has a well equipped art and craft resource centre because art is a soul of life. The college aims to provide artistic and creative environment to perform various fine art activities and provide for all the possible facilities and opportunities.


Curriculum Laboratory

The Institution has facilities of Language Lab, Social Science Lab, Maths and Science Lab, etc. equipped with all the necessary apparatus , charts, models and equipment’s.





Health and Physical Resource Centre

The college has a fully equipped health and physical resource centre to provide all possible opportunities to students to participate in indoor and outdoor games like chess, carom board etc. and outdoor games like volley ball, Football, Cricket, Badminton etc. can be played by students. The college aims to provide students with adequate resources to excel in sports creating environment which imbibes on ethics of sportsmanship.


Audio Visual Instructional Aid Facilities

There is availability of audio visual aids like Overhead Projectors, TV, DVD players, Tape Recorders, CD ROMs etc.


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